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Eleanor Louson

Eleanor Louson's Homepage

Ellie Louson

Academic Specialist, Michigan State University

Learning Designer, Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology, MSU

History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science faculty member, Lyman Briggs College, MSU

PhD, Science and Technology Studies Graduate Program, York University

My STS research focuses on wildlife films and the representation of animal behavior. In my dissertation Never Before Seen: Spectacle, Staging, and Story in Wildlife Film's Blue-Chip Renaissance I researched blue-chip wildlife films of the 21st century, drawing from the history of wildlife filmmaking and of visual representation in natural history. I examine the history of staging practices or "natural history artifice" within the wildlife genre and how they affect our trust in wildlife filmmakers. A component of this research involved interviewing wildlife and environmental documentary filmmakers about their experiences, practices, impressions of their profession, and collaborations with scientists.

My committee was made up of Katey Anderson, Joan Steigerwald, and Brenda Longfellow.