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Eleanor Louson

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Ellie Louson


My rock band Two-Body Problem plays rock, pop, folk, and funk covers and original jams in the Lansing area and virtually during COVID times.

I organized the Public Engagement with Science conference at Michigan State University and run the @pewsconf Twitter account.

The editors of Spontaneous Generations were inducted into the University of Toronto's Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science's Order of the Falling Apple.

Here's a video of The Sage behind the Camera: Truth-to-nature and Wildlife Filmmakers, my paper from the 2012 HAPSAT Graduate Conference.

The final assignment for the Collecting Science: Lives of Objects graduate course was to present "anything but an essay" on a museum or collection. Reflective Spaces is my Exhibition Photo Guide based on an ethnography of UTSIC, the University of Toronto Scientific Instruments Collection.